What better way to commemorate the ninth year of Christopher Reeve’s passing (Oct.10th) than a long-awaited new action figure announcement from Mattel?

Currently shown as prototypes at this years New York Comic-Con and available next year as part of their DC Comics Multiverse line, the 4″ articulated figures of Reeve’s Superman and Terrence Stamp’s General Zod form part of an expansive line based on classic superhero movies including Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.

While any news regarding fresh merchandise based on the classic movie era is welcome here at SUPERMANIA, the impact of this particular surprise is lessened by the curious choice of scale and typically untidy prototypes (best of the bunch clearly DeVito’s Penguin) where simple but important details (like Superman’s chest shield) compromise the whole piece by looking like stuck-on confectionery.  While the sculpts are admirable (especially for the size) in light of Mattel’s punchy, fun and not cancelled after all Batman ’66 line this already seems like a wasted opportunity to capitalise on the infinitely more popular 6″ scale…

(Pics above taken at NYCC by – full gallery (including the Superman live-action Costume lineup) here.


4 Replies to “Multiverse/Movieverse…”

  1. Well, you note yourself that these are prototypes, so I’d imagine that \S/ shield is not final… at least I hope it’s not! I welcome this line (could it mean we also might get a George Reeves figure eventually?)…

  2. Hey Pops –

    Thanks for your comment – absolutely – but lets hope that’s the last we see of the puffy paint. It just occurred to me that something infinitely more detailed (like the Penguin) should look so accomplished when details such as Supe’s boot cuff is still wrong. All ‘ya gotta do is look at a pic.
    And hell yes, Fans of George & Kirk have waited longer than anyone so their time is due…

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