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Presenting the second in the series of posts from SUPERMANIA & Friends recent all-access tour of the Propstore Of London’s main office where their incredible inventory of Movie treasures past & present reside.

Although the incredibly rare full-costume display pictured above has received full coverage on this blog whenever it has been publicly exhibited, this was a unique opportunity to intricately examine and photograph the costume without the hindrance of a plexiglass case – making it almost as good as being stood next to Reeve’s Superman himself.

As noted in this archive post, the tunic of this costume has been identified as one worn for early publicity shots (most prominently in the Topps trading card sets) besides being screenworn for scenes including the confrontation in Luthor’s Lair among others.  As this tunic replaced the one originally shown in the Movieum Of London (due to ‘better provenance’ according to Propstore staff) there is a distinct colour difference between the top and tights as the tunic has faded considerably.

Closer inspection also revealed the cape to be a flying version as we discovered corresponding slits made either side to accommodate the wire rig and we were pleased to discover the faint outline of the cape shield, indicating that one had been present which was later confirmed by owner Stephen Lane (who is in possession of the shield and intends to have it re-attached).

SUPERMANIA extends its sincere thanks to all the kind staff at Propstore for the opportunity to examine this amazing iconic piece of cinema history up close and personal…


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