Up And Away In MK…

Rare global press coverage from the shooting of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, the first (and last) of the series to be made entirely on location in England.

The cast & crew had assembled in the sports grounds of the Woughton campus of the Sir Frank Markham School in Milton Keynes, England. in late 1986 to shoot the closing moments of the picture under the direction of Sidney J. Furie. The facility had apparently been chosen due to the school being one of the few with American Football on the curriculum and used in return for a new set of kit for the team.

Ironically, the scene was excised entirely from the final cut of the film and thought lost until its final discovery and release (in workprint form) in the Deluxe Edition DVD from 2006. From the top – article from Weekend magazine UK, double-page spread from Spain, oversized article from the Australasian Post and Japanese pictorial.

Thanks to SuperFan Chris King for the assembly of these scans of my original articles! Click on images for larger size…


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