Photo Cards/Bubble Gum…

Following up on this month’s Trading Card theme, SUPERMANIA presents the very first collectables that resonated at such a young age and became the basis of the collection –

The amazing colourful images adorning each pack of cards (In the UK they came without stickers!) instantly captured the imagination. The favourites were the solo publicity shots of Christopher Reeve with the New York backdrop, of which there were many (see the complete sets here) where you could really believe the Man of Steel was real and among us.

Besides the nostalgia there is much to enjoy with the Topps series 1&2 including a glimpse of what we now know as deleted scenes and even cards dedicated to the creative team including Director Richard Donner. For genuine fanatics its notable the Canadian set ran for 132 cards and included French subtitles while the US set ran for 77 and the shortchanged UK for 66!

The trend would continue for the sequels (with the exception of Superman IV, see post below) but nothing came close to capturing the magic of the original white-border set and the anticipation of completing the picture puzzle on the card backs..!

From the top – Original countertop boxes for US Series 1&2 with unopened UK packs, scans of Series 1&2 wrappers advertising the option of purchasing a ‘Press Sheet’ of uncut cards and the Topps Special Offer poster…


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