The Blue Box…

Arguably one of the finest soundtrack collections ever assembled, Superman: The Music is nothing less than a dream come true for everybody from completeists to the casual fan.

As much has been written about the set already I need not go into detail save for the fact this comprehensive set is the standard by which everything else must surely be judged. This was reflected by the unprecedented frenzy of its release on Film Score Monthly‘s website where demand had it crashing down, eventually prompting a second pressing.

Notable for its premiere inclusion of the hitherto unreleased complete soundtrack to Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, the liner notes (an exhaustive volume worthy of its own release) even detail the track listing of the abandoned album. Credit must go to producer Mike Matessino who made the ‘Blue Box’ his baby and UK SuperFan Oliver Harper, whose enthusiasm served as a conduit for the involvement of Superman II composer Ken Thorne. Yet more proof of the power and influence of the passionate Superfan…!

From the top – Original photographs of 1st release Blue Box from my collection – Bottom pic; beautiful unused promotional art by Jim Bowers.


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  1. I ordered this set the moment it came out.I listened to it many times and it still sounds as fresh as the first time.The Main Title just gives me shivers, so haunting and mesmerising.

  2. Oh, the score of Superman. Not much compares. Some of John Williams finest musical work to date. So very emotional and stirring, especially to those who grew up with it. The main theme will always represent Superman at the cinema nomatter what comes after. I purchaced the glorious 2-disc release by Rhino way back in 2000, even though I already had it on CD. I've certainly annoyed my wife through the yrs. by listening to it over & over again in our study.

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