Fortress Of Wax…

Both a labour of love and and a product of great expense and obsession, SuperFan Chris King has been responsible for commissioning and fabricating some of the greatest high-end Superman collectables ever made.

His dedication to the pursuit of the perfect Super costume lead to several differing versions before submitting definitive amendments to makers Action Costumes which are still in use by them today. The ambitious project shown above was a combination of said costume, (including belt made by yours truly) mannequin and a silicone headsculpt (featuring glass eyes and punched hair) by UK sculptor/artist Mike Hill.

If you notice more than a passing resemblance to the recently offered Cinemaquette 1/4 scale statue it is no coincidence as that was also crafted by Mike. Ever the perfectionist, Chris would do further revisions of the costume and eventually sold this piece to fund those and other projects…


5 Replies to “Fortress Of Wax…”

  1. The bust and suit are not accurate as they pretended to be, some times big fans spend a fortune in this kind of failed works, and it have a creepy look.

  2. I think the statue accurately depicts what Christopher Reeve would look like if he saw the statue.

  3. it looks like Reeve as he was playing superman back in the day – but when hes just looked into the future and seen his fate…

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