“We Have Located All The Footage…”

This fascinating collage of screengrabs culled from the Superman IV; Deluxe Edition DVD represent a very special memory for me as this was irrefutable proof that not only did these scenes exist, but would finally, finally be released –

I remember first reading the news (and nearly falling out of my chair) during a Warner Bros. Q&A about the Ultimate Edition Box Set and the casual announcement that “All the footage from Superman IV had been found” and there “Will be a considerable amount of deleted scenes”.  I still refused to believe it until I saw the list of chapters themselves for rating by the BBFC. Then upon the boxset release, SuperFan Sebastian Columbo swiftly sent me the images above.

Considering the footage was the subject of volumes of speculation and debate that would litter the Internet for years, the only agreement across the board was that it would never be seen.  A true highlight of my fandom and thanks to WB for making it happen…


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  1. Yes! The SUPERMAN IV DELUXE EDITION was very interesting for fans… But Warner didn't include the scene of Clark on the Kent grave's. Do you know why?

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comments –
    Well, the scene of which you speak was among a clutch that never made it to disc as its pretty obvious from the condition the rest were presented in that this footage was salvaged rather than finished. From the temporary music track in the Nuclearman I battle to the unfinished flying effects, there is no way what remains was shown in the infamous test screening back in the day.
    Indeed, whopping great chunks of the Nuclearman II battle, the dance at the Metro Club, and indeed the graveside visit were all shot and presumably present in the longest cut. This was the version that apparently no longer exists which is why all that remains is all that we have. In a perfect world the upcoming blu-ray release would rectify all this but I really wouldn't hold your breath. Ironically, that's what the consensus was before this footage was found, so never say never…

  3. I would really do anything to get my hands on a copy (at least a retched workprint) of the complete movie!

    I bought Warner Bros.'s "4 Film Favorites: Superman," which featured all four movies, and I immediately checked-out the special features of "Superman IV."

    What I thought about the cut scenes is that they weren't too bad, to my surprise. BTY, on the scene selections menu, there was a picture of Clark and Stacy (think that's her name) at the nightclub – wonder why they added the pic and not the deleted scene itself…

    Anyway, I searched high and low for a complete version of the film, and stumbled across something very intriguing on "FanEdits.org" – And this was a fan-edit that combines the cut scenes, and uses comic strip images from the official DC Movie Adaption to fill in the gaps.

    This new cut, "Superman IV: The Quest for Coherence," shines a new light on the film, and I think whoever is a fan of Christopher Reeve should definitely check it out:

  4. Where can i watch the quest for coherence? Ive always been curious to what the full movie would be like.

  5. Why didn’t Warner Bros. use the completed versions of the two deleted parts of the worldwide chase? Those scenes were:
    -The Smallville Tornado
    -The Kremlin Missile
    Why didn’t they use the finished versions instead of the crappy workprint footage?

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