Plates Of Steel…

Yet another SUPERMANIA exclusive – these steel printing plates (measuring approx. 15 1/2 x 21cm) surfaced in Australia and featured in an auction of original art. Showcasing previously unseen artwork by renowned poster artist Daniel Goozee, the influence of his famous James Bond posters is clearly evident in the sketches above. From the top – Amazing renderings of Christopher Reeve battling himself in the junkyard with Richard Pryor looking on; An obvious homage to Octopussy as Superman contends with Disco babes with Pryor clinging onto his ankles and a clear Ken Adam/Moonraker take on Ross Webster’s lair with Robert Vaughn and Pryor conspiring against a backdrop of even more Bond babes. Although beautifully executed, alternate art (featuring Reeve and Pryor airborne) was utilized for the teaser poster for Superman III but Goozee would paint the final art used on the UK Quad poster and go on to complete the quartet by painting the poster for Superman IV

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  1. they should have gone with the top one with the background of the junkyard. Superman III had the worst poster ads imo…

    ironically IV had one of the best!

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comments –
    Like the Movie itself, the poster from III is mostly a misconception and I agree 100% the Poster for Superman IV may well be the best in the series…

  3. yeah IV might very well be. Obviously the STM rainbow with the silver shield is iconic but i was very that interested in it – sure its a great tease but no superman on it. the main STM poster was similar to IV with superman flying up but IV did it better imo.

    with II the one with superman flying toward the 3 villains (over buildings and the varient over water) was pretty cool as was the one on the cover of the soundtrack LP…but i think i prefer IVs really.

    one day id like to have all 4 posters side by side framed – the STM rainbow shield one, IIs supes facing the 3 villains, IIIs supes and gus over the GC and IV (as well as the SR one of Routh flying in space from earth)

  4. My favourites are easily the STM Peak teaser poster, the UK release quad and the Superman IV one-sheet. I thought the designs for II and III were weak in comparison. I admit to having my breath taken away upon the first viewing of the Superman Returns poster and thinking how much better it would have been with Reeve and not cast in shadow…

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