DC 75th Exhibition…

In association with the amazing supermanjaviolivares.net I’m ecstatic to present the above photographs taken last week in from the Festival Internacional De Cine De Accion Y’Adventura in the Mostra de Valencia, Spain.

This venue is currently playing host to the largest archive of Warner Brothers original props and costumes from their Superhero franchises ever seen in public exhibition, with entire halls devoted to both Batman and Superman franchises.

On display in the Superman gallery are both Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh’s Superman costumes, and for the first time outside of the WB museum, Marlon Brando’s original Jor-El costume.

The exhibits are notable for the fact the pieces are totally accessible to the public as they are not behind barriers nor shielded by acrylic cases so these expensive garments can be researched as never before.  My sincere thanks to SuperFan Javier Olivares Tolosa for providing what is the best photo reference of this most complex of costumes to date.

An exhaustive article written by me about the Reeve costume can be found here


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  1. Hello! I'm from a town near Valencia and i'm very excited with this visit to the Christopher Reeve's Superman costume. It's absolutely wonderful being near his boots.
    A dream…

  2. Hi Belen –

    Thanks for your comments – I agree its a dream come true. You are very fortunate to be able to see them as my understanding is the exhibtion is a one-time opportunity and won't be visiting any other countries!!

  3. Yes. I know! I go to Valencia every week. It's like a pilmigrage. I love Christopher Reeve since i was a child…
    Thanks to you for this page!

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