Tom Mankiewicz, 1942 – 2010….

A rare interview from the Starlog yearbook with the ‘Creative Consultant’ who only recently received full & true recognition for his contribution to the Superman Movie mythos. Chances are you’ve seen most of the pictures he’s written without even realising- especially if you are a fan of the James Bond franchise. Tom has a special place in the hearts and minds of all Superman fans and we salute him, he will be sadly missed…

4 thoughts on “Tom Mankiewicz, 1942 – 2010….

  1. There was nobody quite like Mank. A top-notch old school writer that will never come again. Everything he did just had that extra touch of movie magic too it. Puzo may have made a great overall tale, but it was Mank that gave us a true story. They just don't make'm like that anymore. If you've never heard Mankiewicz's and Dick Donner commentary for Superman: The Movie, your certainly missing a treat. Rest in Peace Good sir.

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