Truth & Justice In MK…

Its a little-known fact that the final chapter of the classic Superman Movie series was shot entirely in the UK.  A great proportion of exterior scenes were shot in MIlton Keynes as the new town with its modernist architecture was considered to be a reasonable representation of a US city of the era.

Naturally the prospect of Hollywood coming to town was a considerable coup and the world’s press were out in force to cover the filming.  From the top, a never-before published shot of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent outside Milton Keynes train station shot on 17/11/1986 by Ian Blackmore, an article from the Financial Times discussing the location and headline from the MIlton Keynes Citizen declaring Superman was in town.  These archive clippings were discovered in the archive on Milton Keynes public library on a trip to visit filming locations years later…


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