“Planet ‘Copter One…”

Another SUPERMANIA exclusive – From a bulk lot of production ephemera to be premiered here – unpublished stills taken from negatives of the full-size Daily Planet helicopter (photographer unknown) at rest outside the world-famous 007 stage in Pinewood Studios, England 1977.  This 1:1 JetRanger shell was one of a series of props and models used to achieve the famous ‘Double Jeopardy’ sequence.  Made lighter to accommodate being suspended on wires to maintain the illusion of Superman holding it, this chopper was also used in the shots where the tail tears through the Planet control room and for when the engine explodes on the ledge.  Like many iconic pieces of Movie history, the fate of the above prop is unknown but the fully-functioning version apparently went on to appear in the opening sequence of ‘For Your Eyes Only’ a few years later…

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