Mission To ‘Moscow’…

Missile1Missile2Missile3Missile4From page to screen as promised in the last post, here is a selection of rare and unpublished prints from the set of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace in 1986.

From the top – In a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes, a prop Russian Nuclear Missile atop a transporter contrasts markedly with a random selection of British cars and outbuildings at Cannon’s Elstree Studios.  Situated on the left is the crane from which hangs the flying rig and on the right, held up by scaffolding is the facade of a building of the ‘Red Square’ set.

Hooked up in his harness and swung out into the the drab, wintery UK skies is Christopher Reeve, who in the course of the action has just prevented Nuclear Man’s attempt to launch the missile into the crowd before flying off to give chase.

The illusion complete is revealed in the uncommon publicity/press kit shot from the finished scene (bottom) where through the the magic of cinema the elements are combined to depict Superman swinging into Moscow to save the city from destruction…

Pics 2&3 courtesy of Alexei Lambley-Steel of A tribute to Christopher Reeve

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