Ultimate 1:1 Project…Completed..!


Blog3Blog4SUPERMANIA is overjoyed to present the culmination of over five years of trial and tribulation in an attempt to produce the most accurate life-size (and lifelike) tribute to the late Christopher Reeve in his most famous role.

Custom-made from a combination of painted resin and fibreglass with glass eyes and outfitted in a painstakingly-tailored state-of-the-art costume by Action Costumes of Argentina, this heavily modified stock mannequin stands a full 6’5″ on a discreet glass base.

To see the exhaustive history of this most personal of creations from the beginning, please click on the Superman 1:1 Project link in the Memory Crystal Selection on the right hand side of this page where over a series of posts the figure evolves from chunks of unrefined plastic to what you see above.

While ‘ultimate’ is a conceit best left to something of Madame Tussuads standard and fashioned from silicone with punched hair and finished with a budget of thousands, my ambition was to evoke the spirit of Reeve’s screen persona using the best likeness available and specific attention to realistic details (including flaws) for a fraction of the cost. Itself inspired by the long-gone Superman display in London’s Tussauds I was so captivated by on a visit as a teen, the dream to create my own version would never fade no matter how unpractical or unachievable it seemed.

Indeed, only within the last decade or so have the Planets aligned to facilitate the components of this kit thanks mainly to friend and Superfan Chris King, whose burning desire to create the best replica Superman costume lead to researching methods of displaying one.  Commissioning what is still arguably the most evocative of Reeve sculpts with the intention of grafting it onto an imported 6’6″ mannequin, Chris’ later abandonment of the project paved the way for me to see it through.  Coinciding with this was the evolution of the aforementioned Action Costumes growing as a company and gaining access to real suits for reference, something the authenticity of this build demanded.

While the whole process was sometimes painful (and painfully slow) people like the talented Rich Martin would not only come to my rescue but provide the impetus to finish the job.  Be as awed as I was by his paintjob in the pics above that turned flat resin into living, breathing skin and his flawless glass eye placement’s effect on conveying expression in the sculpt.

Now that he’s finished I hope you can appreciate what it took to achieve it and, just for the moment, share the feeling I had when I stood open mouthed with the rest of the Tussads visitors that day as they pointed and said “Look!! Its SupermanChristopher Reeve…”

My sincere thanks to everybody who has assisted me with this project – for a full extensive gallery of the finished figure click HERE.

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  1. Hello Nikolaos –

    Welcome – Interesting way of introducing yourself on a blog that has done nothing but praise your work and give you full credit at every opportunity.
    If you would be courteous enough to scroll through the history of the 1:1 project (using the menu on the right) you’d soon see that what you just branded a recast is probably the only genuine copy out there you yourself produced.
    Without going into too much detail this is Chris King’s final reinforced cast you made exclusively for him which was subsequently sold to me. It may look different as I modified some aspects of it (specifically the hairline) to make it the Superman I wanted it to be.
    While your there you may also notice a specific post advising people against purchasing recasts in an effort to spare other fans of just this kind of accusation. I’ve been a member of the RPF for over a decade so I’ve probably forgotten more than you know about its implications.
    Lastly, pop yourself over to eBay and punch in ‘Superman Bust’. You’ll find what you’re after there, blatant and as clear as day like it has been for months. I’ll waver your apology if you email him with your concern and maybe put a stop to it.
    Thanks for visiting and thanks – still – for creating the most emotive Reeve bust to date…

  2. Where exactly is my name mentioned because i cannot find it……because in this page is not,and i believe im the sculptor and maker,iv been commisioned by Chris King yes,but i believe its secondary.link me to where im praised my friend

    1. Nikolas.
      Martin has praised your sculpt all the time in his posts. He also shared a link to your website. He didn’t say that you used a lifemask – he said that it was amazing that you achieved such a good likeness WITHOUT using a lifemask.
      As Martin says – this is not a recast that he’s using on his display. It is the reinforced fibreglass casting that you made for me. I let Martin take over the project when I decided not to complete it any more.

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