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CW_LayoutCW_PagesCW_Pages2CW_Pages3If there’s anything that defines a Superman it must be perseverance in the face of adversity.  How ironic then, that a celebration of the Champion of Truth & Justice in print has yet to be added to the exhaustive canon of film companions and a proposal to fill that void should even be in question.

With this in mind I implore you to click HERE directly and join the legion of fans adding comments to an ever-growing list of reasons why Capedwonder.com editor Jim Bowers Superman: The Richard Donner Years – A Photographic Journey has not already been snapped right up for publishing and why its not already in your hands.

Besides the obvious fact there has to date never been a volume exploring the Classic Superman series on film (save for David Michael Petrou’s singular and defining account of the Making Of Superman: The Movie in 1978) let alone a contemporary coffee-table picture book of the magnificence shown above, one is left bemused as to why this has taken so long, and why its not been the subject of dozens of similar publications already.

Mr. Bowers has the vision and the resources.  What he lacks, bafflingly, is the support of a major publisher to make this love-letter to the fans a reality.  In an age where most modern blockbusters have similar releases as standard and with retro catching up fast, (the Star Wars films having a volume for each episode with Jaws and Bond getting similar treatment) even the passive fan must admit to this being a no-brainer.  In no less than the character’s 75th year and with widespread interest renewed thanks to his return to the silver screen, there has never been a better time.  Sharing this view is none other than Richard Donner himself, who, based on the layouts presented has offered both his full backing and a commitment to write the introduction.

Given all this evidence its disappointing the fans are left to not only highlight this shortcoming to the powers that be but mount campaigns to rectify it – which is what we also used to say about the Donner Cut…

From the top; Digital renderings of the proposed Superman Coffee Table Book showing cover and spread, (all subject to change) collection of page layouts for the bulk of the volume and collages depicting the quality of imagery on offer culled from Jim’s decades of research.

Like what you see? SUPERMANIA humbly requests each one of its 300+ subscribers add their name and comments to the list found on the link above…

7 Replies to “A Photographic Legacy…”

  1. Jim is wanting to deliver a wonderful piece of art, in book form, that was captured in superman the movie by Dick Donner.. It’s like Jim has a piece of Kryptonite hanging around his neck whilst in a swimming pool… Please any major publisher help take the kryptonite off Jim, so he can deliver this piece of majesty to millions of superman fans.

  2. The original Superman movie absolutely needs this companion piece. To so many around the world there will only ever be one true Superman – Christopher Reeve.
    The fans are out there and wanting a book such as this..

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