Just In A Slump…

Junkyard Ed1Junkyard Ed3Junkyard Ed2424062_485876191454549_543618378_nBrand new for 2013 from the house of Action Costumes come this surprise addition to their unbeatable line of Superhero apparel, this time in the form of the ‘Junkyard Edition’ costume from Superman III.  From the pre-order listing;

This Costume has been inspired on the one used by Christopher Reeve for the Superman III Movie from 1983.

Who brought to life one of the most Evil Superheroes of all times for the Junkyard first fight between our hero and his Dark Side.

This is the best Superman Evil Costume Silver Edition ever seen by the moment!!

However colourful the use of English in the description (Action originates in Argentina) there can be no doubt about the tailoring excellence as shown in the pics above, perfectly capturing the look of the costume as it suffers degradation due to the effects of Kryptonite.  If you’re looking to hang out in bars downing whiskey while flicking peanuts and being generally abusive this is the suit to be seen in…

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