“With A Big Red…”

Another SUPERMANIA exclusive – presenting the very first prototype 1:1 costume cape made by Sebastian Columbo at Action Costumes to the exact specifications taken from an original costume (exhibited last year for the DC Comics 75th anniversary in Valencia, Spain).  This cape is the first to be size, colour and fabric matched with an accurately rendered yellow shield in anticipation of production of the Bronze Edition costume available to order now.  Those with a keen eye will have spotted the shield has a marginally thicker outline and lack of yellow ‘flash’ at the border – Seb acknowledges this and production examples will have a more accurate ‘handmade’ look going forward.  As my ‘wearable’ costume is an older example I felt compelled to purchase this cape to marry them up as the drape and flow of this cut is exemplary.  Congratulations to to Seb and AC for bringing us one step closer to the real thing…!

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