Going Bust Pt.2…

In refreshing total contrast to the post below and proudly presented by Action Costumes comes this incredible 1:1 scale bust of Reeve’s Superman.  A collaboration between Sebastian’s Columbo and Molchasky, this outstanding piece is only the first development of what is intended to be a much more ambitious project, eventually culminating in a 1:1 fully costumed figure.

Thanks in great part to Seb’s manipulation/reworking of one of Stuart Freeborn’s lifecasts, the headsculpt (with prosthetic eyes and individually applied lashes) is the most accurate rendition of the late actor to date.  Lovingly finished with the attention to detail only a dedicated fan could possibly apply, the bust is presented in costume on a simple black stand bearing an engraved silver plaque stating ‘The Man Of Steel 78-87’.

For more details about this piece and the ongoing project, go to the Action Costumes website or view their facebook page – tell them SUPERMANIA sent you…

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