Memoirs Of A Temporary Custodian…

In continuation of posts of recommended reading for fans of the Superman Movies comes a Trade paperback from 2000 with nothing less than an endorsement from the man himself.  Superman In The Seventies is a nostalgic look back at some of the defining stories of the decade with sharp reprints of such classics as ‘Superman Breaks Loose’ (where the threat of Kryptonite is eradicated by an explosion and The Man Of Steel eats some to prove it) and the controversial Lois Lane story ‘I Am Curious (Black)!’ where with Superman’s help the girl reporter transforms into an African-American for an article.
And what better way to represent the times than the man who would define him in that era and beyond. Christopher Reeve’s introduction (shown above) shares thoughts on the genesis and and endurance of the character with a typically modest acknowledgement of his contribution to the legend. However keen Reeve was to stress his temporary status of custody, his permanence nonetheless remains in our hearts & minds…

From the top, cover, introduction and feature from DC Comics ‘Superman In The Seventies…’

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