Fade To Grey…

In continuation of this post documenting the original Superman costume exhibited in Planet Hollywood, Orlando, the images above show that by 2002 the display had been torn from the ceiling of the Downtown Disney site and relocated to the restaurant lobby.

Shoddily remounted on a inappropriately slender mannequin, the new shattered wall diorama was shielded behind an acrylic tube (causing awful flash glare from whichever angle) and adorned with a new sign (showing a still from Superman II).

The costume had deteriorated badly in the few years between visits and the bodysuit had faded to almost silver-grey, but as it was the first prop visible in the building it was still a sight to behold with everybody entering pausing to stare at it in wonder.

In typical Planet Hollywood fashion, however, the costume would disappear the following year never to be seen again, to my knowledge it wasn’t circulated further so the fate of this particular piece remains unknown…


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