Man Of Bronze…

So it would seem the Colombian people were so grateful to Superman for saving their economy and entire coffee crop from destruction by the Vulcan satellite and the wrath of tycoon Ross Webster (circa 1983) that decades later they have ‘erected’ a statue in his honor…

Fresh from the Superman Homepage;

Thanks to Superman fan Danny Fernando Rassa and his photographer friend Magda Hidalgo, we present to you these images of a Christopher Reeve “Superman” statue located within the grounds of the Bancolombia building in the city of Medellin (Colombia, South America).

Inspired by Auduste Rodin’s “The Thinker”, the monument in honor of Christopher Reeve, is the creation of sculptor and artist Nadin Ospina.

In an interview posted (in Spanish) on the Banco Colombia website (the largest commercial bank in Colombia) the artist explains: “Superman is the king, he’s iconic, indestructible. Besides he has very interesting connotations: he is a poor little orphan, extra-terrestrial and with some very complex psychological problems and emotional difficulties. He is a very interesting personality.”

To my knowledge this great little study is the first outdoor public statue in the image of Christopher Reeve’s Superman and though he’s presented here in a more ponderous fashion I’m sure Mr. Reeve would have nonetheless been delighted and honored…

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