World’s Waxiest Hero…

The Superman exhibit in the Six Flags Movieland Wax Museum Of Buena Park, CA. had the distinction of being the first (and most expensive) installation in the Stars Hall Of Fame for the blockbuster movie of 1978.  Christopher Reeve himself attended sittings with renowned sculptor Logan Fleming (second pic) to capture his likeness and the finished figure would stand proudly atop an elaborate custom-made Fortress Of Solitude set in an original costume gifted by Warner Bros. 

A top attraction for many years, time and dwindling numbers meant the Museum would close its doors forever in 2005, by which time the Superman figure (in similar fashion to the waxwork figure from London’s Madame Tussauds) had been stripped of its original costume (Bottom pic) before being sold in auction for $16,000 just days after the untimely death of Dana Reeve…


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