Quarter Scale SuperStatue Updated…

Due to the enthusiastic response to the last post relating to the Mixed-Media statue and requests about its availability I should mention the statue was version one of an ongoing project by the artist some years back now. As very few of these kits were produced they seldom come up for sale but were they to be offered I would suggest visiting the statueforum or the Replica Prop Forum as a starting point where later versions can be seen (and possibly ordered).
In the meantime, enjoy the manip above of the original by Superfan Sebastian Columbo, proving once more why he should be lead consultant on anything featuring the Reeve likeness…!

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  1. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comment –
    I can assure you it was very imposing in person and the detailing was outstanding, but yes, I passed on one myself as it didn't quite evoke Reeve enough for me. His is a difficult portrait to capture…

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