Ultimate Reeve Superman 1:1 Progress….

As mentioned in previous posts, running concurrently with John May’s work on the Superman mannequin is an ultimate costume project headed by SuperFan Sebsatian Columbo. Still in development as a result of hard research (with thanks on my part to Chris King who provided the early mockup of the costumed mannequin pictured top) and all-new measurements from a real Reeve costume provided with the kind assistance of supermanjaviolivaresnews.blogspot.com, achieving the most screen-accurate replica is closer to reality than ever before. Pictured above is Sebas protoypes for the costume and cape symbols with their respective fabrics and bottom is the finished belt made by me utilizing a resin cast of an original belt buckle...

This is my last post before New Year so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their continued support during this first year of SUPERMANIA and in return I promise to keep the rarities and surprises coming in 2011 so please, stay tuned and Happy New Year to all SuperFans…!

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