Preview – Mattel Movie Masters Lex Luthor….

From last month’s Toyfare magazine, the first exclusive images of the third figure from the Superman; The Movie Movie Masters Collection reveal Gene Hackman’s incarnation of Lex Luthor, first hinted at by the appearance of his accessories with the revised Reeve Superman figure at this years SDCC.
While I fully support the line I think this looks the weakest offering so far but then I thought the same of the Superman before it was revised so changes may still occur. As I mentioned in my review of the General Zod figure, if you imagine this was 1980, these are outstanding figures for the $60 price tag and how the Mego line should have looked back in the day. Adorned in his most iconic bad-taste suit, the headsculpt is a passable Hackman (reminiscent of the scene where he screams after Miss Tescmacher as his missile is diverted) and the hairpieces are faithful sculpts also. The Kryptonite chain is a great touch, however, and will be a fine addition to the Superman figure when that is offered by on Dec 15th…

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