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With the breaking news that the license for the 1978 Superman Movie has been acquired by action-figure titans Hot Toys – their announcement that Christopher Reeve will be getting the DX (Deluxe) treatment will be the fulfilment of a long-awaited dream by fans all over the world.
In light of the upcoming release this winter – the pictures above showcase Hot Toys earlier release from the Superman Returns license – Marlon Brando’s Jor-El.
Forging a reputation for unbeatable quality and detail in their figures, its no surprise Hot Toys are regarded as market leaders and responsible for elevating the action-figure into an art-form. From articulation to life-like headsculpts and an incredible array of accessories, the ever-expanding portfolio contains a variety of licenses from movies to military to Popstar.
With the acquisition of rights to Brando’s likeness after his death in 2004 – Hot Toys produced both a 50’s and Godfather version before surprising fans with a perfect recreation of Kal-El’s father. With the license restricted to his posthumous appearance in Returns, Jor-El was adorned in his white Kryptonian robes but sporting a Brandon Routh style \S/ crest on his tunic. I sought to modify mine to reflect his appearance in Superman; The Movie by adding the one as designed by Yvonne Blake. More info and about this figure (including pics) here.

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