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M a r t i n  –  E l

Hello and welcome to SUPERMANIA.  You have come to the most comprehensive record of memorabilia archived from all over the world exclusively from the series of original Superman Movies 1978-1987.

My name is Martin Lakin and I am the creator/editor of the site having been obtaining artefacts from the Superman films for over thirty years.  Most of the items/paraphernalia showcased in these posts are from my collection unless otherwise stated.  The Blog’s objective is a continued celebration of the Superman Movie legacy through presenting the best (and sometimes most obscure!) of all ephemera.

    SUPERMANIA wishes to acknowledge and extend its gratitude to the following SuperFans for their continued support and contribution –

Jim Bowers, Sebastian Columbo, Alexei Lambley-Steel, Chris King, Alex Serpa, Seby Ravi, Jonathan Eric Tyrrell and Kamandi from Sideshow Freaks for his awesome banners.

SUPERMANIA is proud to be part of the CapedWonder Network.

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