To Amanda

To Shannon



Today would’ve been the late Christopher Reeve’s 63rd birthday.  To celebrate his life and career SUPERMANIA presents some of the newest additions to the archive along with some classics shown previously.

Look no further than the Entertainment Memorabilia Live auction held by Propstore only last night to see how highly regarded, sorely missed and totally definitive Reeve’s portrayal of Superman was/is by the fact an autographed 10×8 (similar to those above) sold for an unprecedented £700.

Whereas the lot in question featured a dedication simply from ‘Chris’ all the above feature his full signature and have stories to tell all their own.  From the top – colour 8×10 obtained from Amanda as named – only a young girl when her father had this picture signed and recently salvaged after a tree smashed through their property.  Shannon’s loss, from the Dixie Trek Convention of 1994 (the only appearance Chris ever made) is documented here.

Sandra is the daughter of Edward Jaffery, a camera grip who worked on the first three Superman Movies –

“I am the Sandra in the photo!
My dad worked as part of the crew, working on this film at Pinewood Studios.
I was only a child at the time and didn’t get to meet Superman myself, but my dad worked alongside him daily and asked if he would sign this photograph for me, which he was very happy to do…”

And finally Mark was a fan and friend of a technician working on Superman II that had Chris sign in between takes.

All the above are great examples of how Chris’ portrayal touched people’s lives and his great dedications reflect what a great custodian and Super man he really was.

Rest in peace, ‘Toph…


Going Once…






Going under the gavel in in a matter of days and currently on display at the IMAX Odeon in London’s Waterloo, this unprecedented collection of production/screenused treasures from the series of Superman films is presented in catalogue form by Propstore here on SUPERMANIA.

High-end pieces all with estimates set to suit a modest or high budget, this gathering of production ephemera and screenused props represents the finest collection of Superman related material to hit the market since the Ilya Salkind collection was offered by Profiles in History in 2007.

Chief among the lots is the full-size Starship ruin from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, first positively identified and documented on SUPERMANIA here and presumed lost to storage after the closure of the London Film museum in 2013.  ‘Superman’s Pod’ was obtained by Propstore and now offered in exactly the same condition as it was seen on display (then incorrectly listed as originating from Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie) and is a completely unique piece of Super-history.

Other highlights are the Cosmonaut suits (made by costumiers Bermans and Nathans) from the opening scenes of Superman IV and storyboards from Superman III.  Fans of the original movie and its sequel are catered for also by a pair of scripts and photographic contact sheets and even Supergirl is represented by a superb piece of (ultimately unused) concept art by Chris Achillieos.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bid and own these pieces starts at 2PM (GMT+1) on 23rd of September.  SUPERMANIA would like to extend an advance invitation to the lucky new owners to have their purchases showcased here along with their stories…