Computor Games..?

Badge3Badge4Badge1Badge2-001This latest addition to the SUPERMANIA archive is a generous gift from longtime Superfan Chris King.  Distributed in 1983 by Present Needs Ltd, this complete set of four promotional pinbacks were a mainstay of local comic shops for years (bagged separately on a blue backing board) and, according to Chris, available in the foyer of the cinema where the movie was screening.

Featuring sharp, colourful graphics, besides the obvious spelling faux-pas (third pic down) the most curious concoction is easily the last button (fourth pic) where a still from the computer showdown is paired with a still from the junkyard sequence for a supposed ‘reflection’ (with the help of a laughably rendered mirror).

Like many promotional items from Superman III these, although considered ‘shelf warmers’ at the time, are increasingly rare as a set today…