Blog1Blog5Blog2Blog6“After all I’ve done for them?  Will there ever come a time when I’ve served enough?? At least they have a chance for happiness – I only ask as much…No more…”

SUPERMANIA is proud to present the second movie-accurate custom 1/6th figure based on Hot Toys range of classic Superman figures (the first being Jor-El from Superman Returns).

Modelled specifically after a scene shot by Richard Donner and long thought lost, (after a dispute between Marlon Brando and the producers meant none of the footage featuring him could be used for the sequel) the prints were unearthed by Michael Thau for reinsertion into the 2006 Richard Donner cut on DVD.  The original sequence (reshot with Susannah York in place of Brando for Richard Lester’s Superman II) featured a petulant Kal-El ready to sacrifice his earthly powers for the love of Lois Lane.  Dressed in a relaxed version of his Clark Kent formals (allowing Lois to wear the top half of his Superman costume) but still sporting the Superman hairstyle, the tension between father & son as he pleads for him to reconsider his sacrifice is a standout moment in the movie.

Hot Toys MMS 152 features the perfect base model for this custom ‘Depowering’ figure – with a heavily modified torso (permitting the arms to be posed much closer to the body) and subtly altered hairline/kiss curl to more accurately reflect Christopher Reeve’s hair from the scene.  The screen-accurate costume is a bespoke shirt and pants with identical details such as the button down collar, side pockets and even correct shirt pocket pattern made by 1/6 tailor extraordinaire Tinela Ayers.  Finishing touches came from other Hot Toys stock figures including Agent Coulson MMS 189 (belt) and Wolverine MMS220 (shoes).  The figure was then photographed with the Hot Toys Fortress base and Crystal control panel from the Mattel 1/6th Collectors series.

Click here for a full gallery on the Capedwonder.com ‘Figures’ page and Coming soon – an all-new custom with screen accurate Superman movie costume…

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