Currently in exhibition at the appropriately futuristic EMP (Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum) in Seattle, Washington are these two incredible artifacts from the Superman series.  Since June 2012 the ‘Icons Of Science Fiction’ display has wowed visitors with an impressive collection of authentic props and costumes from Alien to Star Trek while offering an insight into Sci-Fi’s literary roots.

From the top; SuperFan and colleague Jason DeBord of the original prop blog photographed the original Superman costume from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace on a recent visit – though a pristine example the belt stands out as reproduction and the squat nature of the mannequin lend the display odd proportions (third pic from google search)

The museum’s real coup, however, is the detailed miniature of the baby Kal-El Starship from Superman: The Movie preserved with its pylons and even some of its clear ‘flying’ lines intact.  Though an unknown number of these type of miniatures were produced by Derek Meddings’ team, its scale  makes me think it could be traced back to last being on public display in London’s Planet Hollywood.  Still an impressive design, the amazing shot by Eric Skaar (bottom pic) depicts it in all its otherworldly glory.

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