Ultimate 1:1 Progress…

SUPERMANIA is proud to finally present the finished bust portion of the 1:1 Christopher Reeve as Superman statue as painted by celebrated special effects makeup artist Richard Martin.  Having had considerable experience with various Superman figures among many others,  Rich was the natural choice for taking this reinforced resin cast and finishing it to his usual top-class standard.  In contrast to Seb Columbo’s/Action Costumes recent masterwork, my brief to Rich was not to make this a refined, idealized version of Superman but an accurate, weathered, warts & all likeness to the actor in the role.  This accounts for Rich’s application of layers of skintone shades, stubble shadow and even shaving rash to achieve the desired effect.  With false eyelashes topping the exquisitely fitted prosthetic eyes my greatest concern about the figure having ‘warmth’ in his expression and life in his eyes was addressed perfectly.   Upon delivery I used the Stuart Freeborn made lifecast to add further touches personally such as the ‘split’ right eyebrow, the mole cluster down the left cheek, the brown dye stain on the hairline and a ‘Makeup’ version of the chin cleft.  With the head now applied seamlessly to the mannequin torso I was free to further modify the 6’6″ mannequin to further emulate Reeve’s unique proportions – pictures to follow…!

*UPDATE* The original sculptor of this piece has been identified as ‘Nikolas’ of the Nikolas Art Studio.  Check out the sculpt as a work in progress here

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