All New Picture Card Series…!?

If you think the images above are genuine Topps style picture card samples from an abandoned Superman IV Series then thank you very much, this project is a success.

As collectors, completists and SuperFans the world over already know, Superman IV was the only Superman film to NEVER have a Trading Card set devoted to it, a fact I always found odd considering its such a merchandising staple so one day sought to fill the gap somehow.

Now, In collaboration with and using the considerable talents and creativity of SuperFan Alexei Lambley-Steel (See his excellent blog/site here) we have endeavored to adapt my considerable archive of quality stills from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace into a complete set of unofficial vintage style cards in a ‘what if?’ project to make up for a thirty-year oversight. The four samples above are a result of a great many exchanged emails, research and submissions before we both were in complete agreement the designs were ‘simple’ enough to emulate the real thing. To that end, all the characteristics of the typical sets of the era will also be present, from the printing flaws to the text on the rear. Stay tuned for updates but for now, enjoy the unashamed nostalgia from the age of the freeze-dried pink bubblegum stick…