Ultimate 1:1 Progress…

A timely update from the workshop of artist John May – the images above show the first ‘dry-fit’ of the amazing custom glass-eyes from Tech-Optics.com for adjustment to achieve the perfect placement. As you can see, apart from filling of the tear-ducts they are almost there. If you look closely at the top shot you can clearly see the image the sculpt was based on was the balcony scene in Superman: The Movie, where Superman tells Lois he ‘Likes Pink very much’. This was the image commissioned by Chris King in an effort to have the sculpt capture the more romantic and dashing aspect of Reeve’s portrayal, rather than the more common stern expressions from former attempts. This also accounts for the larger, more unwieldy kiss-curl with a more right-hand bias. The devil is, as always, in the detail.
With the eyes fixed John will be taking his airbrush to the finely-honed lines of the sculpt to bring out its fantastic character. Stay tuned for more updates…!

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