An Open Letter To Hot Toys…

Dear Hot Toys –
May I first congratulate you on an incredible prototype Superman figure – As I’m sure you are aware anticipation for this was incredibly high and consequently the subject matter has a very dedicated and devoted fanbase- many have waited over thirty years for this figure.
In recognition of the fact you are noted for listening to your fans when most toy companies do not I implore you to acknowledge the efforts shown here produced by two very talented artists & SuperFans with a wealth of experience in consulting and producing costumes, art and sculpture based on Christopher Reeve’s unparalleled portrayal.

You’ll find the amendments detailed in the images above to be slight and easily achievable but in doing so making the transition from acceptable to impeccable. Look no further than the contents of this blog to see further examples of the work of Chris King in Costume and Sebastian Columbo in Photoshop to further accurize what are already great works.

And make no mistake, these offerings are not intended to highlight any shortcomings or indeed as an attempt at critique, they are merely the goodwill of artists that are seeking the best result for the perfect figure. This is what you are famous for as a company and have demonstrated time and again with your licenses, and on that basis we submit these humble adjustments in the hope you will agree they will only enhance what is already a fitting tribute to the original Man Of Steel.

With best Regards –