‘Power Action…’

Originally designed by the Mego Corporation in the US and intended as a special oversize, die-cast figure (read all about its conception here) but eventually winding up in plastic as a UK exclusive, (see the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! Superman range here) The Denys Fisher ‘Power Action’ Superman was a Frankenstein-like creation notable for its unique ‘Control Knob’ which facilitated opening and bending the orange ‘steel’ padlock and girder supplied simply by simultaneous movement of the arms. Rehashing the same Christopher Reeve head (with sculpt by Ken Sheller) of the standard Mego 12″ Superman, (catalogue pic, bottom) this figure had strange proportions due to an entirely unique body built around the mechanism making it over 13″ tall. The mint example pictured above is a result of a twenty-year search and is a precious addition to my collection due to it being the toy that first captured my imagination as a child.  Due to its low distribution, this toy ranks amongst the rarest and easily most expensive Superman collectables of the era with mint, boxed examples hardest if not impossible to find…

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  1. Hi, found this an interesting read. Was in my parents loft the other week digging out some old toys for my kids and came across my old superman figure toy. He’s identical to this, with the wheel on the back that raises his arms! He’s not in bad shape for his age and the amount he was played with. Are they really that rare, in the UK? What value would you put on a good condition figure? I can email pictures of him if you are interested! I will avoid handing him over to my children for the meantime!

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